Regarding the submitted papers to this year programme, EPOS Leadership has decided to ask all the submitters if they wish to transfertheir papers to the next year Scientific Programme.

The EPOS Leadership decided to replace the withdrawn and / or canceled papers with two new sessions, the first one consist in the symposium 'The impact that Coivid19 outbreak had on clinical practice' and the second one on the selection of the Best e-Posters, whom authors will have the opportunity to present their studies over a short presentation.

The Reading Committee is working on the content of these two new sessions. Both sessions have replaced the Study Groups symposia, the organization of which has now been shifted into a webinar programme.

Hence, the EPOS Leadership has decided not to open a new ‘Call for abstract’ for the next year Congress.

To be up to date with the EPOS 2021 Scientific Programme please check our Congress website on regular basis here

Should you have any question please do not hesitate to contact the Scientific Programme team at